What is the Gaianist Free Church?

 Dedicated to the Earth Mother Gaia, the Gaianist Free Church is an Earth-Based Spiritual Community, practicing the Craft of the Wise, under the guarantees provided by the first and fourteenth amendments of the Constitution; whose primary focus is the spiritual and religious growth and education of our membership.

Currently, we have affiliate Churches in Madison, Portage, Water town and Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Prior Lake, Minnesota, as well as the greater Jacksonville\Gainesville, Orlando and Tallahassee areas of Florida.

 As an outreach organization we, in concert with the American Spiritual Alliance, strive to help create interfaith values and education. It is our desire to assist in achieving a deeper understanding, greater communication and improved cooperation among the many religious\spiritual organizations in our world today.

We are also very involved in the spirit of environmental stewardship. Our members work hard to give back to our home, the Earth. In this way we demonstrate our love of the Divine for the many things that have been provided to us.

 Our Church carries no bias toward any other belief and in fact welcomes all to share in the love and gratitude we feel for Deity.

We welcome any individual or group to join us. If you wish to join, us,please fill out the individual or group membership forms found on our membership page and press the submit button located on the top of the form. We value your privacy and will not give out or sell your personal information.

For further information or questions please email us at info@gaianist.org

or call 888-707-9930